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Steven Lew (StevieGee) is a NJ/NYC based digital artist; videographer, editor and digital designer with a diverse skillset in visual imagery. Through all the different mediums he has worked with both digital and traditional, his heart lies within working behind the scenes and cameras to bring ideas to life from paper to the big screen.

He progressed from writing scripts, illustrating storyboards, to creating his first frame by frame 2D animation and receiving his B.F.A in Animation/Illustration at Montclair State University.

Upon graduating, he went on to freelance for small businesses and teach digital art to students of all ages. In a classroom filled with curious minds about the industry, this ultimately motivated him to pursue his M.F.A in Computer Graphics and Film at New York Institute of Technology and continue to encourage many to bring out their inner creativity.


The aspiration of becoming a Director stands strong and he hopes to shine more spotlight on the Asian-American community through cinema and storytelling.


He has worked the many roles within the film industry ranging from graphic design, motion graphics, animation, corporate videography/photography, on-set photography and editing.





Master of Fine Arts


Film and Digital Design

New York Institute of Technology

New York, NY 10023


Bachelor of Fine Arts


Animation and Illustration

Montclair State University

Montclair, NJ 07043

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